Linoma FC

An amateur adult soccer club based in Omaha, NE, USA

History of Linoma FC

by Frank Dunn

Linoma F.C. (Football Club)  was founded in 1986 by members who lived in Omaha but went to college in Lincoln, hence the name Lin(Lincoln) Oma(Omaha). During the early years Linoma F.C. played outdoors in the Nebraska Men’s Soccer League (NMSL) which had 3 divisions of ten teams each. Most games were played at Dodge Park. The oldest soccer league in Nebraska, the NMSL was very competitive and teams would often compete in local tournaments as well as the Nebraska State Cup, often traveling to other states to play.

As the league transformed over the years new leagues developed with the introduction of the Latino, Indoor, Men’s, Women’s, and Co-ed leagues. At one time we had women’s teams compete in our NMSL men’s division. The love of soccer had no boundaries!

One of the most successful and competitive clubs in Omaha, Linoma F.C. incorporates a variety of Men’s, Women’s, and Co-ed outdoor and indoor teams. The passion of our club and the love of the game is shared with other fellow soccer enthusiasts as we welcome players from other teams and leagues to join us in our many tournaments and road trips. Our teams have played tournaments in many places over the years that include: Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and even overseas to Ireland!

We are truly a family that enjoys being with one another and sharing our passion and love for the game. We are LINOMA F. C. !!!

"I learned all about life with a ball at my feet."


"I always want more. Whether it’s a goal, or winning a game, I’m never satisfied."

Lionel Messi

"Football is the ballet of the masses."

Dmitri Shostakovich

"To me, soccer is so much more than a ball and two goals; it connects people from all of the corners of the world."

Unknown Author